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Our newest release is now available for digital download and on cassette tape from Wiener Records.  Grab your copy of the Commiserate EP now from our Bandcamp site.


Missing Sibling

Missing Sibling is a five-piece noise-pop band from North Texas.  Its newest EP, Commiserate, is out May 26 on cassette from Wiener Records. 

Drew Gabbert - Guitar, Vocals
Todd Walker - Bass, Vocals
Steph Buchanan - Guitar
Kevin Buchanan - Piano, Organ
Josh Hoover - Drums

Commiserate EP

Spies EP

Pick A Family EP


"Deeply satisfying and insistently smart yet emotional, Missing Sibling's Commiserate sounds like a record that would fit in nicely with an elite group of albums such as, the Pixie's Doolittle or Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation."

- Power Pop Gumdrop

"Missing Sibling is a Texas-based indie / noise pop outfit with an added element of pure pop sensibilities that give off a whiff of – nobody has ever typed this before but sure fuck it – Sleater-Kinney meets Bruce Hornsby.  Seriously!"

- Deadly Music!

"On tunes like “Beg and Borrow” and “Time Flows Away,” Gabbert and Walker’s commingled boyish vocals grab the spotlight. At first. Then your attention is drawn toward the runaway percussion and the playful way they interact with some discordant piano or guitar line. While full of hooks, the songs on Commiserate pull you in a little deeper by making you think of the ways the musical parts do and don’t fit together. They make for a more intellectually interactive experience than your typical garage-inspired pop-rock platter."

- Jimmy Fowler, Fort Worth Weekly

"Highlights abound on Commiserate — Equal Strength is a stunner, while the mid-tempo Beg and Borrow evokes a less grumpy Pixies — leaving you wanting more of this new, super-sized Sibling."

- Preston Jones,


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"Keep Strong Boy"